Introducing: TOUCH


A candle made from solid crystal that can light up it’s surroundings with several beautiful colors.

Graceful. Glowing. Elegance.

Universally Meaningful

Celebrating Life with the symbol of Hope

Inspire. Unite. Enjoy.

Luxurious Mood Lighting

Multi-colored moving lights for any occasion.

Relax. Refresh. Energize.

3 Lighting Styles

1. Slow Multi-Glow 
2. Fast Multi-Strobe
3. Classic Glow (your favorite single color)

Shimmer. Shutter. Shine.

Multiple Color Choices All-In-One

Diamond White, Crystal Blue, Ravishing Red, Poshy Purple, Fiery Amber, Growling Green and more…

Diverse. Assortment. Something for everybody.

Top-grade Quality Crystal

Plastic replicas just won’t cut it.

Premium. Authentic. Pure.

Perfectly Portable

Small yet powerful, solid but moveable.

Adaptable. Convenient. Travel-friendly.

Wireless Brilliance

via battery power (3xAAA)

or connect included cable to a USB power source for a fixed everlasting glow.

Flexible. Accessible. Liberating.



No harmful flames or non-recyclable plastics.

Green. Clean. Sheen.

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